What is theos?

Theos was initially “iphone-framework”, a project created to simplify building code at the command line for iOS devices (primarily jailbroken devices). It later underwent significant changes and became Theos, a flexible Make-based build system primarily for jailbreak software development, but also with complete support for building for other supported platforms. Theos runs on, and can build projects for, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Windows (under Cygwin or Windows Subsystem for Linux).

As of 2015, the project stalled as Dustin Howett was unable to devote time to it. It was since picked up by the community, adding many desired features and fixing issues. The legacy version of Theos that used to be located at DHowett/theos is permanently preserved on the legacy branch.

There is also documentation available for the original Theos at the iPhone Dev Wiki, and theos-ref; however be aware that not all information is updated for the changes Theos has undergone recently.

Installation on iOS (Revised)

This guide will help you install Theos on your iOS jailbroken device.

Platform Minimum OS version Targets supported
iOS 5.0 iOS

All the commands shown on the following instructions are meant to be run as the "user" user, not root. Similarly, Theos is also meant to be run as a normal user, not root.

  1. Install the following prerequisites:

    • Sam Bingner’s repository
    • Theos Dependencies (package on BigBoss repo, relies on the previous repository being installed first)
  2. Set up the THEOS environment variable:

     echo "export THEOS=/opt/theos" >> ~/.profile

    For this change to take effect, you must restart your shell. Kill the terminal app in the taskswitcher then re-open the terminal app and do echo $THEOS on your shell to check if this is working. If you don't want to log out or re-open, you can simply:

     source ~/.profile

    Reason of changing ~/theos into /opt/theos:

  3. Clone Theos to your device:

     git clone --recursive $THEOS
  4. Get the toolchain:

    Theos Dependencies installs iOS Toolchain.

  5. Get an iOS SDK:

    You can get patched SDKs from our SDKs repo.

     curl -LO
     TMP=$(mktemp -d)
     unzip -d $TMP
     mv $TMP/sdks-master/*.sdk $THEOS/sdks
     rm -r $TMP
  6. Install the Swift toolchain (optional):

    swift-toolchain is on the BigBoss repo.

    Note that the minimum SDK version required to compile Swift code is currently iOS 11.2.




NIC 2.0 - New Instance Creator
  [1.] iphone/activator_event
  [2.] iphone/activator_listener
  [3.] iphone/application_modern
  [4.] iphone/application_swift
  [5.] iphone/cydget
  [6.] iphone/flipswitch_switch
  [7.] iphone/framework
  [8.] iphone/library
  [9.] iphone/notification_center_widget
  [10.] iphone/notification_center_widget-7up
  [11.] iphone/preference_bundle_modern
  [12.] iphone/theme
  [13.] iphone/tool
  [14.] iphone/tool_swift
  [15.] iphone/tweak
  [16.] iphone/tweak_with_simple_preferences
  [17.] iphone/xpc_service
Choose a Template (required):
  1. 选择13或者14, 填入合适的名称


  2. Makefile的最上方加入:

  3. 编译部署

     make package install



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